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Citrus Heights Water District's main source of water is Folsom Lake. The US Bureau of Reclamation controls the Folsom Lake water supply. The water is treated by San Juan Water District and provided to CHWD and other water agencies.

Groundwater from five existing wells, owned by CHWD, is used to supplement the Folsom Lake surface water supply for CHWD customers. A sixth groundwater well is budgeted to be developed by the end of 2013.

Even with these water sources, it is important to conserve water as the ever-increasing need for water in our region and throughout California will continue to place demands on both surface and groundwater supplies. Water use efficiency and conservation are keys to meeting future demands.

Total annual water consumption by CHWD customers peaked in 1999 at 23,000 acre-feet. Since then, it has ranged from a high of about 21,100 acre-feet to a low of about 13,300 acre-feet..

The five-year average annual water use for CHWD customers is 16,317 acre-feet. That is a little more than eight-tenths of an acre-foot of water per service connection. An acre-foot of water equals (325,829 gallons) of water per service connection.

Even with growth in population and services for our area, water use has stabilized and declined in recent years– the result of more efficient water use by our customers.

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